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‘a million bells heard ’round the world!’

Michael Leasure is a guitarist/composer/innovative stylist with a massive catalog of ‘categorization defying’, multi-faceted, unique original compositions, featuring work on guitar synthesizer, as well as jazz, classical and acoustic guitars.

“Michael Leasure is an artist with a vast and eclectic array of talents under his belt.
Not only is he a highly accomplished guitarist, but he is also a forward thinking and skilled composer. If this wasn’t enough his skills transcend the music industry and focus on many other areas, most notably exploring
other creative avenues.
Michael’s kaleidoscopic background allows him to successfully experiment with an extensive variety of genres and sound. His latest studio effort, The Voice for Animals Radio showcases Michael’s outstanding musicality,
as well as highlighting another talent that is most often underestimated: the ability to handpick valued collaborators to create poignant tracks with.
The Voice for Animals is chock-full of beautiful songs that bring Michael’s formula towards different directions,
highlighting his versatility and passion for creating a beautiful record with an interesting sonic concept and with very personal lyrics inspired by the ups and downs we all experience in life.”
Andrea Caccese

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