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Michael Leasure

The Voice For Animals Radio

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A Million Bells Heard 'Round The World

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Michael Leasure Guitarist, Composer, Producer

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Welcome to The Voice For Animals Radio
a million bells heard 'round the world

I created The Voice for Animals Radio in order to promote animal rights through music. Veganism is Fundamental to Animal Rights.

Animal Rights is the single most revolutionary concept in ALL of human history. There is much to this ancient story.

Sound and resonance is fundamental to communication in all cultures. In nature, for example, a guttural, low growl, may announce danger. A high tweet, may announce friendliness and safety.

The animals are travelers. They are teachers. They have no concept of the human slave clock. They follow the ancient sacred rhythm of the universe. Animals are sentient, feel pain, desolation, ferocious maternal love, have families and only, like all life, wish to live. They are NOT ours, ever, to be used as food, entertainment, or for monetary profit. NEVER do we have the right to treat animals as objects!

Animal Rights Worldwide Solidarity
The animal kingdom, the holy fish pond, planet earth
Sanctification, not Desecration
Protection not Persecution
Freedom not Slavery

If speciesism is fundamental to mercilessness, then veganism is fundamental to compassion!

The view of a Colosseum makes distinct the positions of the participants, activists, spectators, occupations, awards, regalia and adornments of each and every attendant. It is inequality and the social humiliation strata.

Conscience is visible by the actions it pursues!

In the 21st century, with the animal kingdom facing torture, merciless cruelty, and extinction, trying to survive in a world that has forsaken them, there is NO place on this planet for hunting or captivity in the name of food, sport, recreation, entertainment FOR monetary gain!